His saints in Nepal

Greetings to all in the most precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ! Itís been a while since I wrote last, not that I donít want to but because of activities and the way things turned out for me here; February happened to be the most unpredictable month ever while here in Nepal. 

On the first week of the month, we learnt that continuous electricity supplies that we have been taking for granted will be a thing of the past; till date we are still having 8 hours load shedding (power cut) daily, and as Iím writing this report on a laptop Iím using candle light to be able to see what I type. Moreover, the Madhesis people liberation front declared a strike the whole Terai region, the part of Nepal bordering India, which left the whole county without fuel or gasoline throughout the month of February. The only way petrol products could be brought to Kathmandu from India was by declaring curfews in those regions, and this allowed a few tankers carrying petrol products to reach the capital. Till date cars, buses and motorbikes are still cueing at petrol/gas stations for hours just for 10 liters of petrol/gasoline (2 gallon).  

Due to all this I ended up cycling between our two offices and church, which left me with some problem in the knee and back now. I still have lower back pain and trouble with my ankle till date, pray for me for healing in these two areas. Meanwhile our programs are still running, and we thank God for your support and donations that help us keeping this project going.

Tuesday is the day for our feeding program for street kids. The women education project is as strong as ever; over 100 women attend classes on a regular basis.

Pray for the women, their teachers and our other staff too.
Last week we had medical check-up and treatment session for the women, and educated them on womenís health issues.

We found that some were having either high or low B.P, one is pregnant without knowing, as well as other health related issues that we trust God for their healing.

We will continue to monitor their health on a regular basis from now on. Beside that, we are having another health check-up for the street kids on Good Friday 21st March 2008, where we will be focusing on their personal hygiene too.

Pray that we will find more health personnel willing help out and volunteers to assist in our different programs.
Pray for our upcoming sports ministration with ex-addict and rehabilitation boys,
Pray for school fees to kid that we support to go to school,
Pray for street kids feeding program,
Pray for our prison ministry,
I have this opening to be on air with a Christian radio station, which broadcasts a daily program on Mission. Pray for me for ideas, His leading and funds to keep that on the air. I will keep updating you on this area in the time to come.
Pray as we translate and publish some English books into Nepali,
Pray for lasting peace in Nepal, especially now that ďConstituent AssemblyĒ election is on the way,
Pray for our Easter programs in the Church.
Photos from activities in Nepal will be coming your way regularly.
Attached are photos from the womenís check up. 

Blessing from above
Yours in Christ